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  • How to use digital thermometer?
    Post time: 10-28-2022

    In our daily life, when baby has a fever some parents will worry a lot and hurry to see a doctor. Actually, we can use home use digital thermometers to monitor your temperature and do some physical cooling. However, digital thermometers with various of functions are launched to the market, someon...Read more »

  • Is It Painful To Use a Breast Pump?
    Post time: 10-15-2022

    Breast pump is a useful tool for breast feeding. Mom will use it only when they have to work at office and need to pump the breast milk then take home for breastfeeding. So it should be painless when pumping. Why some new moms get some hurt when breast pump? There are three causes of injury: more »

  • What does a digital thermometer look like?
    Post time: 10-07-2022

    As a substitute for mercury thermometers, digital thermometers are becoming more and more popular. Various of digital thermometer appearance were developed as per different application needs. What does a digital thermometer look like? It should be as per the application of the digital thermometer...Read more »

  • How do you set the Date and Time on a DBP-2253 Blood Pressure Monitor?
    Post time: 09-13-2022

    Firstly, thanks and congratulate for buying Joytech digital wrist blood pressure monitor DBP-2253. It is a hot sale model with compact design but large screen. There are only two buttons of this model while you can do all settings of its functions.   Below are instructions for System Settings be...Read more »

  • Joytech New Arrival Blood Pressure Monitor with 2*150 Groups Memories
    Post time: 05-24-2022

    Joytech 2022 series blood pressure monitor DBP-6182 with the latest technology chip, with high accuracy, safety and reliability, convenient operation, etc., is your first choice of health products   LARGE DISPLAY & VOICE BROADCAST: This Talking Blood Pressure Monitor has bilingual Voice Broad...Read more »

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