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The earlier you retire, the longer you live?

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The draft plan to gradually defer the retirement age is expected to be released this year. A report form about the later retirement, the shorter life expectancy has aroused heated debate.


Is it true? When I checked the data, I found that this form has a long history, which has been circulated for at least 20 years. Every time there is news about delayed retirement, this picture will be spread and cause a lot of heated discussion.


But it's strange that I can't find any information about Dr. Ephrem Cheng (Siao Chung) except this table.


Neither the doctor's thesis nor his other academic achievements have been found, and even the relevant research on this form has not been published. 


Obviously, this is a rumor.


We got different conclusions from kinds of reports from overseas or domestic teams.

“The earlier you retire, the longer you live.”

“The later you retire, the longer you live.”

“Read more to live longer.”



A truth should be admitted that “Work intensity is an important factor affecting health.”

It can be seen that the age of retirement is the second, and the working and living conditions before retirement are more important!


Ensure regular sleep, regular diet, reduce sedentary, avoid smoking and alcohol, exercise more, and be less angry... These words are most easily ignored, but they are the most practical and useful.


So, healthcare will be always the most important part you need to focus on!


In fact, people are also aware of this, so high-tech brings medical care to our families through various kinds of household medical devices.


We Joytech is constantly researching and developing kinds of digital thermometers, infrared thermometers, blood pressure monitors and blood oxygen meters. We are also developing maternal and infant supplies.


All purposes are making quality products for a healthy life.



Contact us for a healthier life

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