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Car Shape Cute Baby Nebuliser Cartoon Compressor Nebulizer for Pneumonia

Compact car atomizer with convenient trunk storage for on-the-go freshness!
  • NB-1103

  • OEM available

Product Description

Car shape baby nebulizer can be also a toy for baby during cough treatment. There is a space for sotring accessories for nebulizers so it will be perfect for home use.


Power Connection ModePower Cord
Power SupplyAC 220V~230V
On-off ModeMechanical Boat-type Switch
Accessory StorageYes
Power Cord StorageYes
Power-on IndicatorYes
Working Station IndicatorYes
Indicator ColorBlue/Green
Nebulization Rate SettingYes
Nebulization TimingYes
Timed Shutdown30 min
Unit Dimension286X154X134.5mm
Unit Weight1554g
Carton Dimensions99X33.7X36.4cm
Carton Weight(G.W.)21.5kg


1. Large amount of fog, saving time

2. Fine atomization, easily absorbed

3. Large storage space for accessories

4. Super long Air duct, free movement

5. Low residue and high utilization rate

6. Toy shape, turn inhalation into fun game

7. Creates a low noise inhalation environment

8. Double suction mode of mask and suction nozzle

9. Green indicator lights indicating on/off status

10.Time setting, 15 second countdown buzzer reminder

Introduction:Experience innovative respiratory care with our Car Shape Cute Baby Cartoon Compressor Nebulizer, specifically designed to provide effective and adorable treatment for pneumonia. The NB-1103 combines advanced technology with a child-friendly design, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable nebulization experience for your little ones.

Technical Specifications:Transforming Treatment Into Fun Adventures

  • High-Performance Nebulization: The NB-1103 boasts a powerful compressor, delivering a consistent and efficient nebulization process.

  • Particle Size Control: Achieve optimal respiratory benefits with our precision-controlled particle size, ensuring effective medication delivery to the respiratory tract.

  • Quiet Operation: Designed with a focus on a peaceful environment, the NB-1103 operates with minimal noise, making it suitable for various settings, including nighttime use.

Versatile Applications:Tailored for Various Respiratory Needs

  • Pediatric Respiratory Therapy: Specifically crafted for pediatric use, the cute car shape and cartoon design turn treatment into an engaging adventure, helping children feel comfortable during nebulization.

  • Effective Pneumonia Treatment: The NB-1103 is a reliable companion for pneumonia treatment, delivering medication with precision to target respiratory infections.

User-Friendly Operation:Simple, Safe, and Convenient

  • One-Touch Operation: The easy-to-use one-touch operation ensures hassle-free nebulization, making it a convenient choice for parents and caregivers.

  • Safety Features: Prioritize your child's safety with built-in features such as overheat protection and overload safeguards, providing peace of mind during treatment sessions.

Quality Craftsmanship:Durability Meets Adorability

  • Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, the NB-1103 guarantees durability, ensuring a long lifespan for consistent respiratory support.

  • Adorable Design: The cute car shape and baby cartoon visuals add a delightful touch to the nebulizer, transforming it into a friendly companion for your child's health journey.

Accessories and Extras:Enhance Your Nebulization Experience

  • Comfortable Face Masks: Included face masks ensure a comfortable fit for various age groups, catering to the diverse needs of pediatric patients.

  • Extended Tubing: Benefit from flexibility during nebulization with the extended tubing, allowing ease of movement for your child.

Certifications and Trust:Your Child's Health in Reliable Hands

  • Medical Device Certification: The NB-1103 is certified as a medical device, meeting stringent quality standards to provide reliable respiratory care.

  • Customer Testimonials: Read glowing reviews from satisfied parents who have experienced the positive impact of the NB-1103 on their child's respiratory health.

Guaranteed Satisfaction:Our Commitment to Your Child's Well-Being

  • Warranty and Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our product warranty and dedicated customer support, ensuring a seamless experience from purchase to aftercare.

Elevate your child's respiratory care with the Car Shape Cute Baby Cartoon Compressor Nebulizer NB-1103 – where advanced technology meets delightful design. Order now and embark on a journey towards effective and enjoyable nebulization for your little ones.

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