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It’s not just the cold or flu that causes a fever-Be alert to Herpangina

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Every year when summer comes, the temperature rises, the rain also increases, and Enterovirus become active. Infectious diarrhea, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, pharyngitis, and other infectious diseases have invisibly entangled children. In particular, Herpangina has the highest injury value.


What is herpangina?


Herpangina is an illness caused by a virus, characterized by small blister-like bumps or ulcers that appear in the mouth, usually in the back of throat or the roof of the mouth. If your child has herpangina, she will probably have a high fever.


Encountering a high fever in hot weather is undoubtedly painful for children. How should we prevent it?


1. Wash hands with soap and warm water after going to the bathroom, before eating, after cleaning the nasal cavity, changing diapers, or after touching clothes that may be contaminated with the virus.


2. Avoid sharing personal belongings such as cups, tableware, towels, etc.


3. Avoid Close encounter with children infected with HFMD, such as hugging and kissing.


4. Any clothing, tabletops, or toys that may be contaminated with viruses should be cleaned and disinfected promptly.


5. When sneezing or coughing, pay attention to using your elbow to cover it. If using a tissue to cover it, throw it into the trash can in a timely manner, and then wash your hands with water and soap.


If your child is unlucky to be infected with Herpangina, pay attention to the treatment of fever and nursing care of the infected part.


1. Reduce pain


When your child has obvious pain or fever, you can use painkillers, such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use aspirin. The dosage table of Paracetamol (Tylenol) and Ibuprofen (Merrill Lynch) is as follows.


2. Ensure liquid intake and avoid dehydration


When a child has blisters or ulcers in their mouth, they should avoid acidic drinks such as orange juice to avoid exacerbating the pain. You can drink refrigerated milk or freeze it into small ice cubes for your child, which not only ensures liquid intake but also provides a certain amount of nutrition.


During illness, children may not enjoy eating or even not eat for 1-2 days due to throat and oral pain and discomfort. During this period, as long as the child has a certain amount of liquid intake and a certain amount of calories and nutrients, there is generally no need to worry too much and force the child to eat during illness.


3. Rash care


Do not prick or squeeze blisters on different parts of the child's body. The liquid in blisters is infectious, and as the self healing process of hand, foot, and mouth disease progresses, the blisters can self converge and dry.


4. How to observe? What situations require timely medical attention?


There are very few patients with hand, foot, and mouth disease who may progress to severe illness, so when caring for children, pay attention to careful observation and be alert to the manifestations of severe infections. If a child has any of the following symptoms, they should go to the hospital in a timely manner:


Fever of 38 degrees Celsius or above for 72 consecutive hours or more

Abnormal movements or convulsions


Abnormal restlessness, fatigue, and fatigue

Difficulty in walking


During illness, children may feel uncomfortable and cry, making it difficult to measure temperature. An attractive thermometer and a backlight thermometer with fast response time can make temperature measurement simple.


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