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Five factors affecting blood pressure measurement

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Customers' use of Sphygmomanometer often requires accurate measurement. While there are so many factors affecting the measuring result of your blood pressure.


Here we are listing 5 main common factors affecting blood pressure measurement:

1. Time: Different time points, such as different seasons, can affect blood pressure values; Today is the beginning of the hottest part of the summer,the temperature rises rapidly. Due to the physical principle of Thermal expansion, the blood vessels in the human body also expand, the vascular resistance decreases, and the blood pressure decreases accordingly;


2. Position: The position for measuring blood pressure affects blood pressure result. The standard for measuring high blood pressure is to take the upper arm blood pressure in a sitting position. Blood pressure varies depending on the position. It is recommended to take the sitting position blood pressure as much as possible to avoid lying or standing blood pressure;


3. Location: Usually the upper arm blood pressure is admitted to be accurate method, and measurement from wrist Sphygmomanometer is recommended to be better reference during your trips and in midwinter. The blood pressure in both upper arms may be different, and the difference in blood pressure between the two upper arms is within 20mmHg. The blood pressure in both upper arms should be measured on the higher side;


4. Method: The correct method is to tie the cuff to the arm, about two horizontal fingers away from the elbow socket, that is, the lower edge of the cuff is two horizontal fingers away from the elbow socket, and the elasticity should be extended into the two fingers. If you are overweight or have thick arms, it is recommended to use wide cuffs. Narrow cuffs can affect blood pressure measurement and may cause inaccurate blood pressure measurement;


5.Medication: Whether to take medication or not, blood pressure varies, and the medication itself can affect blood pressure. If the purpose is to test the effectiveness of the drug, it can be measured after taking the medication. If the purpose of testing for hypertension is to stop taking medication for at least 5 days, it is necessary to test the true blood pressure.


In addition to measurement accuracy, the data storage or transmission function of Sphygmomanometer measurement is also a major requirement for household Sphygmomanometer. Joytech new inflation blood pressure monitors are supporting 2 users and max readings will be 150 each user.

Daily care for your blood pressure health.

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