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Joytech Medical Assistance for Hong Kong Epidemic Prevention

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Recently, the fifth round of epidemic in Hong Kong continues to spread and the situation in Hong Kong is serious. With the full support of the Central Government, medical supplies from the Mainland have arrived in Hong Kong one after another.

Joytech Medical, through Hong Kong New World Group, donated a total of 100,000 German PEI authoritative certified new crown antigen test kits and 60,000 digital thermometers to support Hong Kong on February 25, contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hong Kong.


In the past two years, we have also been giving full play to our production capacity and technical advantages, actively fulfilling our social responsibility and fully supporting the prevention and control of the New Crown epidemic around the world, and have received many provincial "thank you letters for fighting the epidemic". General manager Mr Ren said, "We will continue to improve ourselves, to be a more missionary enterprise, to be a more national brand sentiment of the enterprise."


For this epidemic in Hong Kong, we firmly believe that as long as all the people are united, all the people are united to fight the epidemic, we will win the war against the epidemic!


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