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Winter promotes the COVID and Flu. What will be your personal protection?

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From last week on, nucleic acid test was no longer mandatory and health officials relaxed control over COVID-19, that means you don’t know whether the ones around you are infected or not. More and more people return to wear face mask in public spaces spontaneously.


In addition to wearing masks, people began to hoard medicines and medical devices for their health. We have seen the power of COVID-19. Chinese is a hard-working group but we want to keep safe to celebrate our coming new year holidays which is the longest holiday of the whole year.


We have attended two overseas exhibitions in the past two months and noticed few foreign exhibitors or guests wear masks. COVID-19 is less severe, in their opinion, with most patients having upper respiratory illness and not the more concerning lower respiratory tract symptoms. Nor are they seeing patients with a need for oxygen, major blood clots, or strokes.


However, for patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension, personal protection is very important for their health. Fever is a necessary symptom of COVID-19 so body temperature monitoring should be done when you get cold or flu.


As a mother with two little babies, I continue to mask because, for me and my family at least, it’s a simple measure that helps protect us and others. I will choose a forehead thermometer with backlight or bluetooth. Because it can effectively avoid measurement difficulties caused by crying resistance when measuring infants and young children and it will be easy to read at night. I will also prepare an electronic thermometer or ear thermometer with backlight to confirm the accuracy for the results.




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