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My Experience of Infection with COVID-19

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During the week of Christmas, I infected with COVID-19.


For the first day, I got a dry cough. I thought it be a common cold. While two days later I got a fever. I worked at a factory manufacturing digital thermometers. I tried 3 pcs of digital thermometers and all told my body temperature were 37.7 Celsius degree to 37.9 Celsius degree. My leader took my temperature by an ear thermometer, it is 38.2 Celsius degree.


I got home and fall asleep with fever and headache. The maximum temperature is no higher than 38.5 Celsius degree. The next day, I recovered from my fever and I thought I can return to work. However, the COVID-19 antigen test strip told I was infected. I stayed at home and coughed a lot with chest pain. I ate no any medicine and my immune system defeated the virus.


It is 3 years from unknown fear to victory over COVID-19. Humans have evolved a little bit. Now in China, COVID-19 infection outbreak. There are several tools to be prepared at home.


  1. Digital thermometer / Infrared thermometer
  2. Test stripes
  3. Pulse oximeters
  4. Vitamin C / Fresh fruits and vegetables
  5. Some medicines for a fever


Drink some hot water will be helpful for our body to fight against COVID-19.


Wishing you peace and health in the coming new year.

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