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Do you know the normal blood pressure range for pregnant women?

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In our daily life, we care more about the blood pressure of hypertensive patients or the elders. We seldom remember the blood pressure problem of pregnant women as a special group.


Normal range of blood pressure in pregnant women


The blood pressure range is between 90-140mmHg (12.0-18.7kPa) for systolic blood pressure (high pressure) and 60-90mmHg (8.0-120kpa) for diastolic blood pressure (low pressure). Above this range, it may be hypertension or borderline hypertension, and attention should be paid to the occurrence of pregnancy induced hypertension syndrome; Lower than this range may indicate hypotension, and it is important to strengthen nutrition.


Systolic blood pressure records the reading when the heart is beating, while diastolic blood pressure is the reading recorded during the "rest" between two heartbeats, usually separated by "/", such as 130/90.


Pregnant women need to take their blood pressure at every pregnancy check-up. When the blood pressure reading shows abnormalities and has been abnormal several times in a row, attention should be paid. If the blood pressure exceeds 140/90 twice a week and is normal, the doctor will determine whether there is pre-eclampsia based on the blood pressure measurement results.


It should also be noted that due to physical reasons, everyone's blood pressure may vary, so there is no need to compare the test results with others. As long as the doctor says that the test results are normal, it is sufficient.


Why do we need to take blood pressure every time we have a prenatal examination?


In order to facilitate doctors' understanding of the physical condition of pregnant women, blood pressure is measured during prenatal examinations, which can promptly identify whether pregnant women have gestational hypertension syndrome or hypotension.


In general, the blood pressure measured by pregnant mothers four months ago is the same as before pregnancy and will be used by doctors as the baseline blood pressure for comparison with future examinations. If the measured blood pressure is not within the normal range at this time, it is possible that there is already hypertension or hypotension before pregnancy.


Afterwards, pregnant mothers will check their blood pressure every time they undergo prenatal examination, regardless of whether it is within the normal range. Once the blood pressure exceeds the basic blood pressure by 20mm Hg, it will be determined as gestational hypertension.


If the pregnant mother has two consecutive blood pressure readings of 140/90 within a week, and the previous measurement results show normal, it also indicates a problem and requires timely diagnosis and treatment.


If pregnant mothers experience headaches, chest tightness, or significant physical weakness, it is best to go to the nearest hospital to measure their blood pressure instead of waiting for prenatal examination.


In our next article, we will talk about: What should pregnant women do if their blood pressure is unstable? What to do with hypertension in pregnant women?

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