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Joytech Medical’s 2021 Year-end Summary and Merit Recognition Conference

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As time flies, the year 2021 has already passed. Looking back at the past year, with the joint efforts of all Joytech people, we have witnessed the strong layout of Joytech and the rapid growth of Joytech. In order to sort out the work process, achievements, gains and losses of this year, make a good inventory and summary, and lay out the work for 2022, Joytech Medical held the 2021 annual summary meeting last week.


Mr. Ren praised the electronically department (blood pressure monitor, thermometer, pulse oximeter, breast pump)and supply chain in the meeting. In the general environment that the demand for electronically products epidemic back down, efforts to ensure orders, complete production, the successful completion of the company's performance indicators last year, made a major contribution for the company's performance over 1 billion.

Appointment Ceremony

The promotion list was read out in this meeting, 26 employees were appointed or promoted, and they exchanged their efforts for joyful achievements. Mr. Ren issued appointment letters to the promoted staff and took a group photo.


Recognition of excellence

Mr. Ren commended the staffs with outstanding performance during last year. This award, on the one hand, carries the recognition and affirmation of the value of the staffs, and on the other hand, encourages the staffs to keep making progress, to live up to the expectations, to make further efforts and to continue to shine in their positions. A total of 11 Best Newcomer Awards, 17 Best Progress Awards, 13 Outstanding Employee Awards, 5 Outstanding Team Awards, and 2 Special Contribution Awards were issued.


( Best Newcomers Award )


( Best Improvement Awards )


( Excellent Employee Awards )


( Special Contribution Award )

Looking back at the past 2021, Joytech, united and innovative; looking forward to 2022, Joytech people will forge ahead, actively respond with full enthusiasm, implement the corporate mission of "creating first-class products, caring for human health", and promote Joytech Medical to a new level.

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