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How is your blood pressure in this hot Summer?

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The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and people's bodies are also changing, especially their blood pressure.


Many elderly patients with hypertension often have this feeling: their blood pressure remains high during cold weather, while in hot summer, their blood pressure usually drops compared to winter, and some even drops to normal levels.


So, some hypertensive patients hold the mentality of "becoming good doctors after a long illness" and voluntarily reduce or stop taking medication on hot summer days. Little did they know that this move carries significant risks!


On the occasion of World Hypertension Day on May 17th, let's talk about how to manage blood pressure in summer?


Why does blood pressure not rise but fall on a scorching summer day?


We know that a person's blood pressure value is not fixed. During a day, blood pressure is usually higher during the day than at night, with higher blood pressure in the morning and 8-10 am, and lower blood pressure in the late night or early morning. This is the circadian rhythm of blood pressure changes.


Moreover, there are seasonal rhythmic changes in blood pressure levels, with higher blood pressure in winter and lower blood pressure in summer.


At this point, hypertensive patients perform more significantly than the general population.


The reason may be that the temperature is higher in summer, because the blood vessels "thermal expansion", the blood vessels in the body expand, the peripheral resistance of the blood vessels decreases, and the blood pressure decreases accordingly.


Moreover, in summer, there is a lot of sweating, and salt is excreted from the body with sweat. If water and electrolytes are not replenished in a timely manner at this time, it can cause blood concentration, just like taking a diuretic, leading to a decrease in blood volume and blood pressure.


If your blood pressure drops during the summer, you can't stop taking medication at will. Because hypertensive patients are different from normal individuals, their vascular regulation ability is weakened, and their blood pressure has poor adaptability to environmental temperature. If they reduce or stop taking medication on their own, it is easy to experience blood pressure rebound and increase, causing serious complications such as heart, brain, and kidney, which is life-threatening.


In fact, there are significant individual differences between each patient, and whether, how much, and what medications to reduce blood pressure need to be adjusted according to the results of blood pressure monitoring and the guidance of doctors, rather than simply adjusting the treatment plan based on seasons.


Generally speaking, if blood pressure fluctuates only slightly, there is generally no need to reduce medication. As the human body adapts to temperature, blood pressure can also return to stability;


If blood pressure drops significantly or remains at the normal lower limit, a cardiovascular specialist should be consulted, who will consider reducing medication based on the patient's blood pressure situation;


If blood pressure remains low after reduction, it is necessary to discontinue anti-hypertensive medication under the guidance of a doctor. After discontinuing medication, closely observe blood pressure, and once it returns, follow the doctor's instructions to initiate anti-hypertensive medication treatment.


Then, every hypertensive patient may be suggested to prepare a home use blood pressure monitor. Now blood pressure monitors are developed to be more user friendly and smart for home use. It is also a good reference for our doctors to formulate treatment plans.


Joytech blooe pressure monitors are passed clinical validation and EU MDR approval. Welcome to get a sample for test.

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