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Health Tips for Lantern Festival and Spring Season

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Tomorrow is Lantern Festival which is the end of Chinese New Year. Almost all of us come back to work and with change of diet and life habbit, we also need to take care of your body during seasonal changes.

Monitoring Body Temperature Changes with Seasonal Transition

As Lantern Festival marks the end of the lunar new year celebrations, it's essential to pay attention to the changing weather and its impact on body temperature. Monitor body temperature regularly, especially during the transition from winter to spring, as fluctuating temperatures can affect immunity.

Tracking Blood Pressure Changes Pre and Post Chinese New Year

During the festive period surrounding Chinese New Year, individuals may experience fluctuations in blood pressure due to increased stress, dietary changes, and irregular sleep patterns. Regular monitoring of blood pressure can help in early detection of any abnormalities and prompt intervention if necessary.

Other Spring Health Tips

Stay Active: Engage in outdoor activities as the weather warms up. Take advantage of the longer daylight hours for walks or outdoor exercises to improve cardiovascular health and boost mood.

Balanced Diet: Maintain a balanced diet rich in seasonal fruits and vegetables. Incorporate foods that are cooling in nature to counteract any potential heat accumulation as spring progresses.

Hydration: Increase water intake as temperatures rise to prevent dehydration and support overall health.

Allergy Management: Springtime often brings pollen allergies. Take necessary precautions such as using antihistamines, wearing masks when outdoors, and keeping indoor environments clean to minimize allergic reactions.

Wishes for a Hopeful New Year

As Lantern Festival marks the end of the festive season, let us welcome the new year with renewed optimism and vitality. May this year be filled with health, happiness, and prosperity for all. Embrace the opportunities of the spring season, and may it bring forth growth, rejuvenation, and abundance in every aspect of life.

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