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How to produce more breast milk when pumping

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I am the mother of two babies and both of them were fed by breast milk for almost one year.


Four years ago, I became a novice mother. I knew less about breast feeding so my nipples hurt a lot, then breast milk stocked which caused mastitis. Doctor told my husband that a breast pump may do a favor.


I know less about the sucking strength of the breast pump. I sucked without any hot compress and massage,no doubt that nipples are blistered. It is a suffering period of the first month.


Every mother has enough breast milk to feed her baby. The amount of breast milk has nothing to do with large breasts and small breasts. I got summary of how to produce more breast milk when pumping during my feeding of two babies.


  1. Keep a good mood and good rest

Mum is in a bad mood or tired, which will lead to the disorder of body hormones, thus affecting the secretion of breast milk, which may lead to the reduction of breast milk secretion, and even the return of milk. When mother is in a relaxed state, Unobstructed Qi and blood will help increase of breast milk.


  1. Choose a suitable electric breast pump

There are so many kinds of breast pumps in this advanced era. There is no doubt that the electric breast pump is more labor-saving than the manual breast pump which is helpful for mother’s good state when pumping. A helpful breast pump will have massage function which will promote the flow of breast milk and keep your mammary ducts unblocked.


  1. Drink some water or soup before sucking or pumping

As one of the fluids in the body, breast milk should be replenished when consumed. The more liquid you supply, the more milk you produce. My prolactin masseur asked me to drink some hot water before and after sucking which do well to liquid supplying.


  1. Regular sucking

The more you suck, the more you suck. Doctors told if you want more breast milk, let your baby suckle more. However, sleep time of little babies is longer than sucking time. They may fall asleep while sucking. Then, beast pump can then help you suck milk. After emptying the breast, the mother's body will be prompted to produce more milk to meet the baby's growth needs.


Lactation is a painful and happy process. Breast pump is the best partner of mothers during lactation.

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