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Are you among the five groups of people prone to angina pectoris?

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  1. What is angina pectoris?


"Angina pectoris" refers to the pain that is reflected on the body surface due to the absolute or relative lack of blood and oxygen supply to the myocardium. It is often caused by physical labor, emotional excitement, satiety, shock and cold.


Angina pectoris is not necessarily "angina pectoris". The feeling of squeezing and constriction, the feeling of oppression and suffocation, and the heavy and stuffy pain are all symptoms of angina pectoris. The attack may be accompanied by chest tightness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, palpitation or dyspnea.


  1. The harm of angina pectoris


Angina pectoris first affects the quality of life, which can cause pain and difficulty in movement in different degrees. The onset time of angina pectoris is uncertain, so it will greatly affect the quality of sleep. In addition, after suffering from angina pectoris, outdoor activities will be reduced, and interpersonal relationships will be affected. The heart of patients with angina pectoris is relatively easy to be stimulated, and psychological anxiety and depression will occur over a long period of time.

angina pectoris

  1. Five types of people prone to angina


● Overwork is one of the causes of angina pectoris. Due to the rapid acceleration of heart rate after a large number of activities, the demand for myocardial blood supply increases, but the blood supply can not fully guarantee its demand. Angina pectoris after fatigue can generally be relieved after proper rest.


● the probability of patients suffering from angina pectoris is higher than that of normal people. For example, the blood pressure of patients with hyperlipidemia flows slowly, which is easy to cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and induce angina pectoris.


● people with excessive mood swings. Temper tantrums, anxiety, excessive excitement... These emotional fluctuations can lead to excessive excitement of the sympathetic nerve, and the catecholamines in the body will increase. This substance can accelerate the heart rate, increase the blood pressure, and increase the oxygen consumption of the myocardium. If the original balance between myocardial oxygen consumption and blood supply is broken, colic will occur.


● people with unhealthy diet. Especially overeating and liking to eat foods with high fat content. Such a dietary habit can easily cause abdominal distension and pain, increase abdominal pressure, and a large amount of blood is collected in the gastrointestinal tract, which naturally reduces the blood supply of the coronary artery. The imbalance of oxygen supply and blood supply causes angina pectoris.

● people who smoke and drink for a long time. Smoking and drinking are not only easy to cause liver diseases, but also contain some ingredients that can aggravate blood vessel blockage, induce vasospasm, reduce the ability of heart expansion, and thus cause angina pectoris.


In the above five groups, high blood pressure patients are with higher share and some people meet all the five points in total.


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