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Light Snow Day, have you prepared the household medical instruments for home care monitoring?

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Light Snow means there will be colder and colder and it will be often rainy or snowy after the LIGHT SNOW day.


So how should we keep health after Light Snow? Will our blood pressure be impacted by the weather changing?


Firstly, Flu is most likely to break out in early winter, we should keep changing our clothes as per indication of weather forecasting. It will be troublesome to have a fever during COVID period. You can keep all kinds of digital thermometers at home to monitor your temperature and you can also trust traditional Chinese medicine.


Then, Our blood pressure will be higher than any other seasons. Our blood vessels will also "expand with heat and contract with cold", so it is easy to cause blood pressure to rise in winter. This is mainly reflected in the following two aspects:


On the one hand, the blood vessels on the body surface shrink and become smaller. When the blood wants to flow through the blood vessels, it will be subject to resistance. At this time, the heart must increase its strength to enable the blood to pass smoothly. As the pressure increases, the blood pressure will also rise.


On the other hand, the increase of adrenaline concentration in the blood will accelerate the heart rate, increase the cardiac output and lead to the increase of blood pressure. There is evidence that the systolic blood pressure increases by about 1.3 mm Hg and the diastolic blood pressure increases by about 0.6 mm Hg every time the temperature decreases by 1 ℃.


Therefore, for patients with hypertension, they need to pay attention to the blood pressure at any time. Once there are signs of elevation, such as more than 180/110mmHg, they should pay attention to getting medical attention.


180/110mmHg is a very dangerous "signal" for patients with hypertension. If this value is exceeded, it means that the capillary network in the body will face an unbearable burden, which may be damaged at any time, and the blood will infiltrate into the outside of the blood vessels, leading to such critical situations as brain edema and even cerebral hemorrhage.


Therefore, it is recommended that families with hypertension should prepare a home use blood pressure monitor to observe the changes of blood pressure at any time.


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