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What should pregnant women do if their blood pressure is unstable?

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In our last article by 2nd. June, we talked about the normal blood pressure range for pregnant women. Today, we are talking about what should we do when pregnant women get unstable blood pressure.


What should pregnant women do if their blood pressure is unstable?


Is it normal for blood pressure to be sometimes high and sometimes low after pregnancy?


Experts tell us that during pregnancy, blood pressure will slightly increase due to physical reasons. In the middle stage, blood pressure will decrease, and in the late stage, it will return to normal. Throughout pregnancy, blood pressure will fluctuate to some extent.


Of course, these changes are generally within a certain range and vary depending on each individual's physical condition. Pregnant mothers can consult a doctor for more information.


From this, it can be seen that pregnant women's blood pressure may fluctuate within a certain range, which is very normal. Pregnant mothers do not need to worry. In addition, dizziness and palpitations are also symptoms that some pregnant women may experience, which may be anemia during pregnancy or temporary hypoxia.


When pregnant mothers find that their blood pressure is not correct at home, or suddenly they have symptoms of high blood pressure or Hypotension, they can go to the hospital for a detailed examination first. Don't worry too much. The doctor will explain everything and tell how to treat them.


What to do with hypertension in pregnant women?


Pregnant women with high blood pressure can directly endanger the life safety of pregnant women and fetuses, especially during childbirth. Therefore, avoiding gestational hypertension is what every pregnant mother hopes for, but what should we do if we accidentally get it?


The first thing is to seek timely medical attention. The doctor determines the best treatment plan based on the specific situation of the pregnant woman. If detected early and treated in a timely manner, it can reduce the harm of hypertension to the pregnant woman and fetus.


Secondly, it is important to pay attention to diet. Although pregnant mothers should pay attention to the balance of nutrition, they should pay more attention to avoid eating high calorie and high-fat food, and should not Binge eating. These are the most direct factors leading to hypertension.


If pregnant women already suffer from high blood pressure, it is even more important to pay attention to these issues, as pregnant women may need more time to rest, which can lead to a decrease in the body's required calories. At this time, consuming high calorie foods is undoubtedly adding fuel to the fire.


In addition, pregnant women with hypertension should avoid foods with excessive salt content and eat more foods containing high-quality protein.


On the other hand, pregnant women with gestational hypertension should pay attention to lying on their left side during rest, which has a good diuretic effect and can improve placental function and correct uterine placental hypoxia.


If pregnant women with gestational hypertension need to be treated with medication, the entire treatment process needs to be followed up by a doctor to avoid adverse consequences.


What should pregnant women do with Hypotension?


There are two main reasons for Hypotension in pregnant women, one is because of anemia or other diseases in pregnant women, and the other is because of incorrect sleeping posture. If it is the former, it is necessary to follow the doctor's advice and actively cooperate with the doctor's treatment; If it is the latter, changing the prone position while arranging the diet reasonably is sufficient.


Generally speaking, pregnant mothers who are accustomed to lying on their back after pregnancy are prone to "Hypotension syndrome in the supine position". If Hypotension is caused by any reason, pregnant mothers should reasonably arrange their diet, pay attention to nutrition supplements, and eat some food with high salt content properly. In addition, you can also drink more water and participate in some aerobic exercise.


If pregnant mothers suffer from Hypotension, they can often eat ginger to raise their blood pressure. They can also eat some dates, red beans, etc. to enhance nutrition and adjust their blood pressure. Avoid consuming foods such as winter melon and celery that have a blood pressure reducing effect.


If it is Hypotension caused by anemia, you also need to eat more food that provides hematopoietic raw materials, such as fish, eggs, beans, etc., to improve anemia, so that blood pressure will rise again.


It should be noted that once a pregnant woman experiences shock due to low blood pressure, she should be immediately sent to the hospital for rescue, increase her blood pressure, and receive active and effective treatment.


As a pregnant mother, especially for the ones with high blood pressure or low blood oxygen, you should prepare a home sphygmomanometer at home to monitor your blood pressure and record it with your cellphone. The recorded data will be helpful for doctors to assess your physical condition.

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