Why digital thermometer showing different readings


Q:I am going to get pregnant. I bought an armpit digital thermometer to measure the basic body temperature. When I finished the time measurement, the first time was 35.3 ° C, the second time was 35.6 ° C, and the third time was 35.9 ° C. I felt very depressed. Then I used a mercury thermometer to measure the basic body temperature. The second time was 36.2 ° C. I want to ask why?


I want to measure the basic body temperature and know the ovulation period. Is it easy to judge the ovulation period by measuring the basic body temperature accurately with mercury


A:The best way to measure the basic body temperature is to use a highly accurate digital thermometer, accurate to 2 decimal places. There are two possibilities for the temperature difference of 0.6 degrees between the three measurements of your digital thermometer. One is that you did not measure it correctly, and the other is that the measurement error of your digital thermometer is too large.


A person's temperature fluctuates due to the influence of the external environment and internal activities of the body. In order to eliminate these external and internal influences, the temperature before waking up at 6-7 in the morning is often taken as the basic temperature. The basic body temperature is the lowest body temperature in a day and night.


Although the method of measuring basic body temperature is simple, it is strict and requires long-term adherence. Before measurement, prepare a thermometer and a record sheet for recording the basic temperature (if there is no such record sheet, it can also be replaced by a small square paper). From the menstrual period, put the thermometer in the mouth for 5 minutes before getting up in the morning every day without talking or doing any activity, and then record the measured temperature on the temperature record sheet.


In order to improve the accuracy of measuring the basic temperature,we need a specialized basal digital thermometer of which accuracy should be 0.01℃ , and it should be placed on the bedside table or beside the pillow, so that it can be easily taken when using, and activities should be minimized. If you get up and take the thermometer, the basic temperature will rise, making the temperature of the day meaningless. For women who work on the middle shift or night shift, the time to measure the basic body temperature should be the time when they wake up after 4-6 hours of sleep.


The basic body temperature usually needs to be measured continuously for more than 3 menstrual cycles to explain the problem. If the menstrual cycle is regular, you can basically know your ovulation date after measuring the basic temperature of several menstrual cycles.


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