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Six months have passed, what have you gained? What do you yearn for now?

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Days are always busy and exhausting, commuting back and forth between work and home every day, coming and going for spring outings, shopping, taking photos, etc. It's too hasty. Looking forward to it, after being busy, it will be over half a year! Those time with stories and happiness that belong to us, have now become the past. What do we yearn for now?


Chairman Mao said:The body is the capital of revolution! In the past six months, you are lucky if you keep healthy. Even if Suboptimal health appeared in your body, you are lucky that we can find it in time and actively adjust or treat it. Last six months,from cold winter to midsummer, our body changed with the seasons.


Temperature changes have an impact on life. Many insects live in spring and die in autumn, and the arrival of cold means the end of their lives; Some animals also begin to hibernate to reduce physical and energy expenditure, and come to life again at the beginning of spring, while humans and other mammals can use clothing and fur to survive the winter.


Temperature changes also have an impact on humans. Sudden changes in temperature can make the human body uncomfortable or even sick. Therefore, people pay special attention to weather forecasts and decide to add or remove clothing to adapt to changes in environmental temperature based on weather forecasts. The temperature gradually changes from cold to hot, and it takes several months to change from freezing in winter to over 30 degrees Celsius in summer. It also takes more than 100 days to change from high temperatures in summer to sub zero temperatures in winter. This is the natural balance process of the Earth, which also gives people's bodies some preparation time to adapt. People increase or decrease clothing according to changes in temperature to adapt to changes in the environment, while the human body utilizes the contraction and expansion of skin and capillaries to adapt to external temperature changes. Nature has created mankind, and mankind has gradually adapted to nature.


In the coming half year, do you have the habbit to monitor your body temperatures? Body thermometers for home use will be your best choices. 


During the rainy season, the humidity is heavy and the temperature is high, making the body extremely challenging.


For people suffering from hypertension, cardio cerebral Vascular disease, in the hot, humid, windless and Low-pressure area environment, human sweating is inhibited, the heat storage in the body is increasing, and the oxygen consumption of the myocardium is increasing, which makes the cardiovascular system in a tense state. The stuffy heat can also lead to the expansion of human blood vessels, the increase of blood viscosity, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction and other symptoms, which may lead to death in serious cases. According to the investigation of cardio cerebral Vascular disease in Beijing, high temperature and muggy weather are dangerous weather leading to ischemic stroke.


Drinking small amounts of water multiple times. Drinking tea is the best way to relieve summer heat. Whether it is black tea, green tea or Chrysanthemum tea, if it is accompanied by rock sugar, hawthorn, orange peel, cassia seed, etc., it not only tastes good, but also can be regarded as a good recipe for clearing away heat; In summer, people don't like greasy food and tend to be light. Therefore, all kinds of Congee products have become the favorite food of citizens. Therefore, it is a good choice to prepare several nutritious and delicious Congee products to prevent heatstroke. For example: millet and mung bean Congee, balsam pear Congee, corn Congee, mint Congee, lotus seed Congee, lily Congee, etc; At the same time, it is also a good choice to drink more food such as Thua khiao tom namtan, lily soup, sour plum soup and bitter gourd soup in summer; In addition, drinking fruit juice frequently in hot weather can also have good effects on promoting fluid production, quenching thirst, clearing heat, and detoxifying, which can be said to have multiple effects in one go. The common fruit juices such as peach juice, pear juice, Apple juice, Grape juice, strawberry juice, watermelon juice can be drunk moderately.


Daily monitoring of your blood pressure is always necessary for hypertensive patients in extreme weather. Joytech has developed new models of arm and wrist blood pressure monitors for your choice and we are sure they will be your good health partner.


Don't be complacent due to luck, don't let bad luck lead to a downfall. Hello in the second half of the year!


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