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Why Exercise Can Reduce Blood Pressure?

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Why Exercise Can Reduce Blood Pressure?


The mechanism of exercise induced hypotension involves multiple factors, such as neurohumoral factors, vascular structure and reactivity, body weight, and reduced insulin resistance. Specifically reflected in the following aspects:


1. Exercise can improve the function of autonomic nerve, reduce the tension of Sympathetic nervous system, reduce the release of catecholamine, or reduce the sensitivity of human body to Catecholamine.


2. Exercise can increase the sensitivity of insulin receptor, increase the level of "good cholesterol" - High-density lipoprotein, reduce the level of "bad cholesterol" - low-density lipoprotein, and reduce the degree of Atherosclerosis.


3. Exercise can exercise the muscles throughout the body, promote muscle fiber thickening, increase blood vessel diameter, enhance tube wall elasticity, open collateral circulation in organs such as the heart and brain, increase blood flow, and facilitate blood pressure reduction.


4. Exercise can increase the concentration of some beneficial chemicals in the body, such as Endorphins, serotonin, etc., reduce the level of plasma renin, Aldosterone and other substances that have a pressor effect, and reduce blood pressure.


  1. Nervousness or emotional excitement is a major cause of hypertension, and exercise can stabilize emotions, relieve tension, anxiety, and excitement, which is beneficial for blood pressure stability.


Which exercises can lower blood pressure?


Not all sports have the power to reduce blood pressure. Only aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, slow paced social dancing, and gymnastics can shoulder this heavy responsibility. The following are particularly worth it




1. Walk. The simplest and easiest blood pressure lowering exercise, but unlike regular walking, it requires a slightly faster pace.


2. Jog. More exercise than walking, suitable for mild patients. It can achieve a maximum heart rate of 120-130 beats per minute. Long term adherence can steadily lower blood pressure, stabilize pulse, enhance digestive function, and alleviate symptoms. Jogging should be slow and time should increase from less; It is advisable to take 15-30 minutes each time.


3. Riding a bicycle. An endurance exercise that can improve cardiovascular function. When exercising, it is important to maintain the correct posture, adjust the height of the handle and bicycle seat, position your feet appropriately, and step on the footboard with even force. 30-60 minutes per session is recommended, with moderate speed.


4. Tai Chi. Some studies have shown that the average blood pressure of 50 to 89 year old people who have practiced Taijiquan for a long time is 134/80 Millimetre of mercury, which is significantly lower than that of the same age people who have not practiced Taijiquan (154/82 Millimetre of mercury).


5. Yoga also has the beauty of "doing the same thing", especially suitable for female patients with hypertension.


  1. Horizontal movement. Scientists have demonstrated through experiments that modern people's high blood pressure may be related to upright living. Two thirds of a person's life is in a vertical state, while in large cities, more than three-quarters of people are in a vertical state. The activity of lying flat is decreasing day by day, and over time, it causes the cardiovascular system to become overloaded and affect blood pressure regulation, becoming one of the causes of increased blood pressure. Therefore, frequent horizontal exercise can effectively control blood pressure, such as swimming, crawling, supine gymnastics, and hand wiping the floor.


Inappropriate exercises:


Anaerobic exercise, such as strength sports, fast running, etc., such as bending down too hard, or excessive changes in body position, as well as forced breath holding activities, will lead to a rapid and substantial increase in blood pressure, which is prone to accidents and can not be done. In addition, winter swimming, yangko dancing, and other activities should also be avoided as much as possible.


Hypertensive patients should not take a hot bath immediately after exercise, otherwise hot water can cause vasodilation of muscles and skin, causing a large amount of blood from internal organs to flow into the muscles and skin, leading to ischemia of the heart and brain. The correct approach is to take a break first and then choose a warm water bath method, which should be short and completed within 5-10 minutes.


Several tips for excercise of hypertensive patients:


Firstly, the most effective way to deal with hypertension is through medication, while other therapies are just auxiliary means, such as exercise therapy. Of course, after a period of reasonable exercise, the original medication dosage can be adjusted based on recent changes in blood pressure under the guidance of a doctor. Avoid blindly stopping medication, otherwise hypertension will kill you and put you in danger.


Secondly, exercise therapy is not suitable for everyone. It is only suitable for patients with Normal height values, stage I and II hypertension, and some patients with stable stage III hypertension. At least unstable stage III hypertension patients with large fluctuations in blood pressure, severe hypertension patients with serious complications (such as severe arrhythmia, tachycardia, cerebral vasospasm, heart failure, unstable angina pectoris, renal failure), and patients with excessive blood pressure during exercise, such as those above 220/110 Millimetre of mercury, should not do exercise, mainly rest.


Once again, before exercising, you should consult a doctor and choose suitable exercise items under their guidance. You can show your doctor your daily bp data from your professional blood pressure machines for reference. Do not blindly imitate others. You should know that individuals have individual differences, and what suits you is the best.


A cost effective bp tensiometer will be your better choice.


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