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Good sleep helps reduce blood pressure

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It's been a week since the dog days started.


Recently, many friends have asked:


-Why am I waking up earlier and earlier?


-Can't sleep at night, but always doze off during the day?


-I can sleep until eight or nine o'clock in winter, but can't sleep at five or six o'clock in summer and have more dreams


Long days and short nights during the dog days, sleep well is becoming a luxury demand. The characteristic of summer is: long days and short nights. The long days and short nights also reflect the changes in Yang Qi between heaven and earth: Yin dissipates and Yang grows.


The human body is also the same. The obvious reaction is that in summer, when the sun rises early, our yang energy will be awakened earlier. At night, when the sun sets late, our yang energy will settle later, so our sleep time at night is shorter.


Sleeping late and getting up early, coupled with the fact that in summer, there is usually a lot of sweating, and if the Yang Qi rises too much, it is easy to have insufficient Yin, leading to weakness in the body. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine: "If you don't lie down overnight, you won't recover for a hundred days." If you sleep late, the harm of not sleeping well is countless: damaging yin, consuming yang, and then damaging the spleen, generating dampness... Over time, it is a critical blow to any constitution.


Long term sleep deprivation can affect various aspects of human health, and its impact on blood pressure health cannot be ignored. From the perspective of Western medicine, long term stay up late and lack of sleep will lead to the imbalance of plant Neuromodulation of the human body, increased excitability of the Sympathetic nervous system, and will affect the cardiovascular system, resulting in rapid heart rate, Vasoconstriction and other problems. Under such an impact, blood pressure will gradually rise under the long-term impact, especially the low pressure (diastolic pressure) when the heart relaxes, the heart rate is too fast, blood flow back to the heart is insufficient, and blood vessels will remain tense under the influence of Sympathetic nervous system, The low pressure is high, and it is not easy to lower, so it happened.


Therefore, in order to protect cardiovascular health, maintaining good sleep is easily overlooked, but in reality, it is important to maintain sufficient sleep as much as possible. Maintaining good sleep every day should be at least 6-8 hours in order to better reduce the risk of developing hypertension and protect cardiovascular health.


Accurate bp monitors and automatic blood pressure tensiometers will helpful for your blood pressure management.



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