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Health care activities are timely for patients with hypertension in this coming spring

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For patients with hypertension, daily health care is very important, especially in spring, when the weather changes repeatedly, hypertension is particularly easy to recur. So what should hypertensive patients pay attention to in spring?


  1. Get enough sleep

"Spring sleepiness" is a common phenomenon. Hypertension patients should ensure 6 to 8 hours of sleep every day to comply with the natural rising of yang. Due to the poor sleep quality of the elderly, the time of nap can be appropriately increased. Adequate sleep is conducive to the regulation of blood pressure.


  1. Emotional stability

Spring climate easily leads to irritability of hypertension patients. Patients must maintain emotional stability, which can ensure the stability of blood pressure. Bad mood can make the heart beat faster and blood pressure rise. Therefore, elderly patients with hypertension should pay attention to control their emotions, which is conducive to neuroendocrine regulation, so that the vasomotor function is in the best state, and blood pressure will also naturally decline and remain stable.


  1. Pay attention to diet

Spring can be said to be a season of recovery, but some vegetables and fruits are relatively scarce. Therefore, it is easy for hypertensive patients to ignore the diet in spring, and special attention should be paid to this point.


For cold early spring, wrist blood pressure monitors should be better for your choice for daily bp monitoring.


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