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Seasonal Health Tips | Today is Rain Water (Yushui), with the arrival of spring, dampness follows. Remember these health tips

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On the third day back to work, coinciding with the Rain Water season, the office is filled with the sound of coughing. The fluctuating temperatures, alternating between cold and hot, are affecting the vulnerable respiratory tract once again, leading to a surge in respiratory diseases.

This weather emphasizes the importance of preventing dampness and regulating the spleen and stomach.

Moisture Control for Health and Safety

As the weather warms up, indoor spaces gradually start experiencing dampness, exacerbating the issue of moisture. During humid weather, symptoms of diseases such as lumbar and knee joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and various soft tissue rheumatic diseases tend to recur or worsen. Keeping indoor spaces dry by promptly using moisture absorbers, dehumidifiers, or air conditioning units can prevent furniture from becoming moldy and clothes from becoming damp and cold, which can lead to illness. Proper storage of food items to prevent moisture is also essential. Foods should be stored in the refrigerator whenever possible, dry goods should be sealed tightly, and it's advisable to add safe desiccants to sealed medicinal products.

Lighten the Load on Your Stomach to Reduce Grease

During the Rain Water season, as dampness increases, excessive intake of greasy and rich foods can lead to stagnation of dampness both internally and externally, easily causing stagnation of the spleen and stomach and digestive system disorders. Conditions such as gastrointestinal influenza, indigestion, gastritis, and enteritis are more likely to occur. Friends who frequently dine together should pay attention to consuming more vegetables and reducing greasy foods. Snacking after meals should be avoided, and after a heavy meal, it's advisable to drink barley tea, Pu'er tea, or herbal tea to aid digestion and invigorate the spleen. Meals for subsequent meals or the next day should be kept light to allow the digestive system to rest and adjust, thus restoring vitality.

Abdominal Massage to Regulate the Spleen and Aid Digestion

During the Rain Water season, when people tend to stay indoors and physical activity decreases, appetite may diminish, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort. Simple abdominal massage can help invigorate the spleen and stomach and aid digestion, alleviating symptoms. This technique is suitable for people of all ages and genders. Here's how to do it: Rub your hands together to warm them up, then overlap your palms and place them on your abdomen with your navel as the center. Massage clockwise from the inside out for 36 rounds, then counterclockwise from the outside in for another 36 rounds, whether lying down or standing up. It is recommended to do this half an hour after meals, in the morning upon waking, or before going to bed. Abdominal massage is simple and effective for preventing and treating gastrointestinal diseases and can be incorporated into daily health routines.

During this season, for those who have already caught a cold, the first thing to do is to distinguish their symptoms dialectically and then tackle them through dietary therapy:

If someone has a cold with clear runny nose, sensitivity to cold, and coughing up white phlegm, it resembles the reaction to catching a chill after being exposed to cold wind. Therefore, at this time, it's important to dispel the wind and cold by consuming pungent and warm foods such as ginger soup to dispel the cold; whereas if the runny nose is yellow, accompanied by high fever and coughing up yellow phlegm, it resembles a reaction to heat, so it's advisable to consume cooling foods such as peppermint water or green tea to reduce heat.

According to experimental statistics, 95% of colds are viral, not bacterial. And based on current medical knowledge, whether in traditional Chinese medicine or Western medicine, effective drugs that can directly kill viruses have not been found yet. In other words, whether you take medication or not, it usually takes about a week or so to recover.

Wishing you a speedy recovery if you caught cold!

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