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Xiaohan needs to pay attention to “three precautions” in daily life

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Xiaohan is one of the 24 solar terms. On January 5, we will usher in the "Xiaohan" solar term, and most regions of China will enter a cold period of ice and snow. As the folk saying goes, "Dahan Xiaohan, Mass Frozen Time." In this solar term, health preservation is the key, and "three precautions" are required in daily life.


  1. Head protection is required for cold prevention

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in cold weather, joint pain, cervical spondylosis and even cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are easy to occur. In the "Xiaohan" solar term, keeping warm is the first priority. Xiaohan is the coldest season of the year. Pay special attention to keeping your head warm and wear a hat when you go out. Because the head is the nerve center of the human body, and the head is the meeting of all Yang, all Yang meridians reach the head.


  1. Prevent dryness is required for cold prevention as well

After entering the "Xiaohan" solar term, in addition to cold prevention, dryness prevention is also crucial. In terms of dryness prevention, we should mainly adopt two methods: oral and external use.

Take orally: In addition to drinking warm water, you should also supplement protein and fat appropriately, such as nourishing soup, milk, yogurt, and various porridge products, to "lock" the water.

External moisturizing: humidifier can be used. You can also use a watering can to spray clean water in the house when you feel dry or every 2 hours or so. If you add essential oils with different effects to the water, you can also remove bacteria and add fragrance.


  1. Prevention of cold is required for cold prevention in this special time

After entering the "Xiaohan" solar term, it also entered the season of frequent cold. In addition to keeping warm, we should also do more stretching exercises to stimulate yang and strengthen the sense of defense. In addition, it can also generate heat by rubbing your hands on your face after washing your face every day, which can enhance your cold resistance.


The weather is cold after a mild cold. Proper physical exercise and outdoor activities can enhance the body's ability to withstand the cold. However, the exercise of the "Xiaohan" solar term should be moderate. One is to start exercising after sunrise, and the other is to do preparatory activities. It is also important to note that you should not sweat profusely during exercise, and you should wear clothes in time after exercise to avoid the invasion of cold evil.


Meanwhile, Keep an electronic thermometer or infrared thermometer at home. Pay attention to the difference between colds and COVID-19, and deal with it. Hope you have a healthy body for new year life and work.


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