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What eye diseases can hypertension cause? And how to prevent them?

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Today (June 6th) is the 28th national "Eye Care Day".

For children, protecting eyesight and preventing myopia is a very important lesson in childhood. Experts remind parents to promptly correct their children's incorrect sitting posture in daily life, and more importantly, to control their children's prolonged and close use of electronic products, urge their children to engage in outdoor physical exercise, ensure sufficient sleep, and eat more food that is beneficial to their eyes.


For healthy adults, we also need to take care of our eyes by staying away from electronic products and exercise more.


For group with hypertension, we have to avoid eye damage from complications of hypertension.


The biggest harm of hypertension comes from its complications. Long term uncontrolled blood pressure can lead to various complications such as myocardial infarction, stroke, and kidney disease. In fact, high blood pressure can also pose a threat to the health of the eyes. According to data, if blood pressure control is poor, 70% of patients will develop fundus lesions.


What eye diseases can hypertension cause?

Many hypertensive patients only know how to take medication to control their blood pressure, but have never thought that hypertension can also cause eye damage, so they have never sought medical attention from an ophthalmologist or examined the fundus of their eyes.


As the progression of hypertension worsens, long-term chronic hypertension patients may cause systemic arteriolar lesions. Chronic hypertension with poor systemic control can cause hypertensive retinopathy, as well as changes in subconjunctival bleeding microaneurysms in the eyes.


Preventing hypertensive eye disease


l Patients with hypertension should have their eye fundus checked annually


Once diagnosed with hypertension, the fundus should be examined immediately. If no hypertensive retinopathy is present, the fundus should be rechecked annually, and direct fundoscopic examination can be performed first. For patients with a history of hypertension for more than three years, especially those whose blood pressure control is not ideal, it is recommended to undergo an annual fundus examination to promptly detect and treat fundus lesions.


l Four points to prevent hypertension and eye disease


Although high blood pressure can be harmful to the eyes, don't worry too much. If the blood pressure of most hypertensive patients is maintained within the ideal range and stable, it has a significant effect on the prevention and recovery of hypertensive eye disease. In terms of prevention, the following four points can be noted:


1. Controlling blood pressure


Good blood pressure control can reduce the incidence rate of fundus lesions. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly follow the doctor's instructions to use antihypertensive drugs. Irregular use of medication can cause blood pressure instability, leading to a series of complications. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly monitor blood pressure and promptly understand the blood pressure situation. It is recommended that hypertensive patients take the initiative to check their fundus every year.


2. Living habits


Try to avoid lowering your head to lift heavy objects, and do not use too much force when constipating to avoid causing bleeding in the fundus blood vessels.


3. Pay attention to diet


Eat more vegetables, fruits, and high-quality protein foods to limit the intake of sodium and fat. In addition, it is necessary to quit smoking and alcohol, pay attention to a balance of work and rest, pay attention to diet, exercise appropriately, maintain sufficient sleep, and maintain a stable mood.


4. Control your weight and avoid being too overweight


Mastering the small details of life, do not tie your underwear, shirt collar too tightly, making your neck loose, so that your brain can receive sufficient blood nourishment.


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