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24 hours in patients with hypertension

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If you unfortunately suffer from high blood pressure, do not worry. As long as we can scientifically arrange 24 hours a day and pay attention to health care, mild diseases can be cured without treatment. Even severe hypertension will improve the effect of drug treatment.

Get up slowly: when you wake up in the morning, don't get up in a hurry. Lie on your back in bed and move your limbs and head and neck to restore proper tension of limb muscles and vascular smooth muscle, so as to adapt to the change of body position when you get up and avoid dizziness. Then sit up slowly, move your upper limbs a few times, and then get out of bed, so that your blood pressure will not fluctuate greatly.

Wash with warm water: overheated and cool water will stimulate skin receptors, cause the relaxation and contraction of surrounding blood vessels, and then affect blood pressure. It is most suitable to wash your face and gargle with warm water at 30-35 ℃.

Measure your blood pressure: use your home use blood pressure monitor to monitor your blood pressure and record the data on your phone so that you can learn and compare your blood pressure data everyday. 

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Drink one cup of water: after rinsing, drink one cup of boiled water, which can not only wash the gastrointestinal tract, but also dilute the blood, reduce the blood viscosity, smooth the blood circulation, promote metabolism and reduce blood pressure.

Proper morning exercise: Patients with hypertension should not take strenuous exercise. Running and mountaineering are not recommended. They should only take a walk, do soft gymnastics and play taijiquan, which can enhance the vasomotor capacity, relieve the tension of the small and medium arteries in the body and help reduce blood pressure.

Patient defecation: do not defecate impatiently or hold your breath, as it may cause cerebral hemorrhage. To sit, this can last, squatting prone to fatigue. If you have habitual constipation, you should eat more vegetables, fruits and cellulose. You can use some laxative drugs to overcome the difficulty of defecation.

Light breakfast: a cup of milk or soybean milk, two eggs or two pieces of bread, or half a steamed bun, light dishes. Do not be too full, nor do you refuse to eat.

Take a nap at noon: lunch should be rich, with meat and vegetables, but it should not be greasy, and it is also not too full. After a meal, take a nap (half an hour to one hour). When sleeping unconditionally, you can sit on the sofa and close your eyes or sit quietly, which is conducive to reducing blood pressure.

Dinner should be less: you should eat good digestible food for dinner. In addition to dry food, you should prepare some soup. Don't be afraid to drink water or eat porridge because of excessive urine at night. Insufficient water inflow can thicken blood at night and promote thrombosis.

Entertainment: do not watch TV for more than 1-2 hours before going to bed. The seat should be comfortable and not too tired; Playing chess, poker and mahjong should be limited in time. In particular, we should control our emotions. We should not be too serious and excited. Remember not to gamble. Bad entertainment will raise blood pressure instead. Remember not to lose your temper at will and keep in a good mood.

Safe bathing: take a bath at least once a week, but pay special attention to safety, especially in the large bath, to prevent falling, do not overheat the water, and do not soak for too long.

Feet washing before going to bed: go to bed on time, wash your feet with warm water before going to bed, and then massage your feet and lower limbs to promote blood circulation. Sit quietly with your eyes closed before you go to sleep. In this way, you can recall the activities of the whole day and find out the disadvantages detrimental to your health for the next day. Measure your blood pressure again and record the data. Go to sleep naturally, and try not to use sleeping pills.

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